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  1. "We can only be friends if I don't have to explain the quote on my t-shirt."
    This? Oh I just threw it on (after three hours of planning, consulting six style blogs and spend forty minutes giving myself bed hair).
    Glasses with no prescription. Sometimes you just need to be wearing rims, you know?
    Whatever was on sale.
    You cut your own hair, make your own clothes and probably have at least one item with a crocheted owl on it.
    All of your t-shirts were freebies from software vendors.
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* Maybe for a month, maybe for a year, maybe forever.
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Who can predict the mysteries of the human heart?

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The Cloud’s not a safe place for anyone of school age to meet their match. But before you go back to Snapchatting inappropriate selfies and loitering outside McDonald’s trying futilely to catch the eye of someone from the year above, here are some options that won’t get you into trouble at school...

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You're a creative genius!

Marrying form and function with verve, you’re a perfectionist who lets nothing stand in your way when it comes to getting everything just so, but you’re no dictator. Calm, confident and probably a bass player in your spare time, you’re probably far too cool for anyone you’ll meet here.

You're a geek!

Or possibly a nerd, we’re unsure. We’re sure you’ll explain, however, because you’re an eminently practical soul with a killer eye for detail, and that kind of ambiguity drives you nuts.

You're an unsung hero!

People don’t always appreciate you as much as they should and you sometimes feel like your entire life is consumed by your job – how long would it take anyone to notice if you died in your office? – but your unswerving loyalty and dedication to the cause mean you’re going to make anyone discerning enough to pick you out a very happy man, woman or anthropomorphic animal.

You're a hardcore DIY-er!

Not content with boxing yourself in, you want to go, everywhere, do everything and – most importantly – manage it all under your own power. For you, it’s all about the journey, rather than the destination; you’re after something new, exciting and just a little bit odd.

You're a networker!

You’re reading this on your phone so we’ll keep in brief. A social butterfly with big ambitions, you’re busy, busy, busy – but at least you have plenty of friends, so you’ll have somewhere to crash when thieves identify your house from Foursquare and raid it the next time you check in at the pub.

You're a genius!

Well, maybe. Your answers are such that you’re either a non-descript, faceless drone or a multi-facted wunderkind of such BLINDING EXCELLENCE that the world has never seen your like before. We’re assuming the latter.

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